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BOMBSHELL: Item Found In El Chapo’s Hideout Has Obama SCRAMBLING

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When authorities searched the infamous drug lord El Chapo’s hideout after they arrested him, they came across a treasure trove of contraband that would give even the most experienced law enforcement agent goosebumps, and one item in particular spells trouble for Barack Obama.

In total, Mexican authorities found 19 weapons inside the area where El Chapo had been hiding from authorities after escaping from a federal prison, and one in particular exposes a skeleton in Obama’s closet – a .50 caliber sniper rifle. While its discovery was widely reported at the time, recent reports definitively tie it to the botched gun-running operation “Fast & Furious,” which let gun walk over the border into the hands of dangerous drug cartels.

BOMBSHELL: Item Found In El Chapo’s Hideout Has Obama SCRAMBLING
A Barrett M82A1, similar to the one found in El Chapo’s hideout

According to TheBlaze, Mexican authorities handed over eight weapons to American officials to have them examined, and they all came back clean. But when they sent another batch of 11 different guns, the Justice Department was able to confirm that the powerful sniper rifle was in fact one of the weapons from the failed ATF operation.

The rifle was originally purchased in 2010 by an unknown source, but how it ended up in El Chapo’s dangerous hands nobody knows, since very few of the 2,000 or so weapons were able to be tracked after the ATF let them go. In fact, only 885 of the weapons from the “gun-walking” scheme were able to be located after the fact, and some of them were used in high-profile crimes, such as the shootout that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

“ATF and the department deeply regret that firearms associated with Operation Fast and Furious have been used by criminals in the commission of violent crimes, particularly crimes resulting in the deaths of civilians and law enforcement officials,” Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik said in a March 15 letter to congressional investigators.

In a normal world, the Obama administration would be scrambling after such a discovery, and criminal charges would be all but guaranteed for whoever was responsible. But as we’ve seen recently, especially in the last seven years after nearly every federal agency has been politicized, nobody in our government is held accountable when they commit a crime.

One only needs to look as far as the current presidential election for evidence of this – a woman who should be facing federal indictment is instead running for the highest office in the country. If that’s not corruption, then I’m not entirely sure what is.



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