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BOMBSHELL: MASSIVE Scandal Coming: Hillary’s DIRTY Secret After She Left State Dept. EXPOSED

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Barack Obama’s administration is going to go down as one of the most corrupt ever despite his claiming numerous times that he had a “scandal free” tenure.

From Fast & Furious, to Benghazi, to the IRS targeting conservatives and the concerted effort to cover up Hillary Clinton’s crimes as Secretary of State, he’ll be remembered as the dirtiest Democrat to ever hold office. Yet another report serves to confirm this, as it reveals the fact that even after leaving office then being investigated for the deliberate mishandling of classified information, Hillary and her six top aides all retained their clearances to access classified and top secret State Department information.

No, seriously.

Breitbart News is reporting that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed to Ed Henry of Fox News that the former secretary of state not only retained her clearance after leaving office in 2013, but could possibly still have it under the Trump administration.

Check it out:

“We’re learning from Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley that she and six staffers in 2013 retained clearances where they still had access to top secret and classified information,” Henry said. “Why? They were titled ‘research assistants.’ So the assumption on Capitol Hill is it was because she was writing her memoirs and saying, ‘Look, I still need access to this information in order to go through what happened in Syria, what happened with Russia. But obviously think back to what James Comey said in how Hillary Clinton handled classified information.”

Of course, Henry was referring to the statement from James Comey in July, when he called her actions “extremely careless” and said that if someone else had committed the same crimes they’d be prosecuted. But apparently that mattered not to the Obama administration.

“He obviously believes something needs to be done about this,” Henry added. “The only positive for Chuck Grassley at this point is, there’s no longer a Democrat at the State Department, obviously. You got Rex Tillerson, so if you have these documents on why she retained these clearances, and for example does she still have a clearance today? A lot of former officials get to keep these clearances for years — when they’re consultants … some of them like to retain it because they say I was in the middle of all of these important issues. I need to keep abreast of it. Been then some of these folks in Washington — they say drain the swamp.”

Wow…just wow.

Think of the implications of this.

If President Trump was indeed under investigation during the election, and she retained her clearances throughout it all, then she would have had access to whatever intelligence they had on his campaign. Not only that, but this report also begs the question of whether or not Hillary was behind the leaks that we’ve seen in the media regarding the Russia investigation.

But regardless of how you look at it, this absolutely stinks to high heavens, and Henry is right; Grassley must be concerned about something if he’s bringing this information to light.

It looks like Attorney General Sessions is going to have his hands full, to say the least…



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