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BOMBSHELL: RIGHT After Fox Canned O’Reilly, The TRUTH Came Out… Heads Are Gonna Roll

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On Wednesday evening, Fox News made the stunning announcement that it was firing Bill O’Reilly, after 20 years of being the top rated cable news show, amid unfounded allegations of sexual harassment, and viewers aren’t too happy over the decision.

Their anger isn’t unfounded either, as many believe that the smear campaign against O’Reilly was orchestrated by the left in an effort to claim the scalp of one of America’s top conservative voices. Right on cue, after new broke that O’Reilly had settled sexual harassment lawsuits over a decade ago, Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom started lining up other alleged “victims” to lob harassment claims against the cable news star, and just like that a sex scandal had been born.

Bloom, who appears to be taking a page right out of her mother’s playbook, first brought out Dr. Wendy Welsh, who claimed that O’Reilly got her fired after she refused his advances over a decade ago. After Welsh, Bloom then claimed another client of hers, a black woman who refuses to be identified, is accusing O’Reilly of calling her “hot chocolate” when she had a desk near his at Fox News…over a decade ago.

Both of Bloom’s clients claim that they came forward after seeing the report of O’Reilly’s settlements because they didn’t want it to happen to others.

Does that sound familiar? It should. When Bloom’s mother paraded a dozen women around who accused President Trump of sexual assault, they had pretty much the same story.

Allred and Bloom are both known Democrat operatives, with Allred having a history of lobbing sexual assault allegations at Republican men, such as Herman Cain and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to smear their names and assassinate their characters in the court of public opinion. Now, it appears as if Bloom is carrying on her mother’s legacy with her political hit job on O’Reilly.

Glenn Beck published a letter implicating Media Matters, which is run by Democrat operative and all around dirty player David Brock, in first bringing the story about O’Reilly’s settlements to light. Media Matters, along with the Bonner Group, a left-wing fundraising group that works under Brock’s larger organization, then pressured advertisers to drop O’Reilly’s show.

The only thing missing from the equation was the public seeing O’Reilly’s “victims,” since the settlements happened so long ago.

Cue Lisa Bloom.

Check it out:

A portion of the letter reads:

For years Bill O’Reilly has been one the worst purveyors of misinformation on Fox News. A serial misinformer, pushing many of the most extreme, sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic conservative theories on TV. Additionally, a bombshell New York Times investigation found that Fox News and Fox host Bill O’Reilly have paid $13 million to settle with five women who accused the host of repeated sexual harassment or verbal abuse. Thanks to Media Matters, O’Reilly and Fox News are being held accountable.

Due to our advertiser education campaign, over 80 advertisers have currently dropped O’Reilly’s show and the momentum continues to build. We are currently at a critical juncture in this campaign I hope you can join Media Matters President Angelo Carusone to hear about the success of the campaign so far, and our plans moving forward.

So there you have it; pretty solid evidence that this entire ordeal is a political hit job from Democrat operatives. Surprising? No. Sad? Yes, especially since these allegations are being treated as fact despite the fact there’s no evidence to back them up.

Hopefully O’Reilly and his attorneys have something good planned, because it would be nice to see the people behind these underhanded tactics finally be made accountable for their actions.



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