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BOMBSHELL: Ted Cruz’s New Spokesman Tried KILLING Tea Party Movement

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As people continue to rally around their favorite candidates for the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz supporters just received some rather troubling news. Cruz just hired a new national spokesman, and his past is seriously terrifying for those looking to vote for an anti-establishment candidate.

Back in 2009, anger and frustration among Americans paved the way for the rise of the Tea Party movement, which was comprised of voters from all walks of life trying to reel in out of control government. Naturally, the establishment on both sides of the aisle were vehemently opposed to the Tea Party since it threatened their status quo, and apparently, Ted Cruz just hired one of the men who spearheaded the efforts to stop it in its tracks.

No, this isn’t a joke or some crazy conspiracy. It’s the first-hand recollections of insiders in California who personally felt the heavy handed tactics from Ron Nehring, then-chairman of the California Republican Party, who was just hired by Cruz to replace Rick Tyler as national spokesman.

A bombshell report from Jennifer Kerns at TheBlaze details more of what happened in 2009. Kerns was working as the official event director and communications director for the Tea Party in California, and she said GOP insiders were working hard to get their events canceled.

BOMBSHELL: Ted Cruz’s New Spokesman Tried KILLING Tea Party Movement
Former Ambassador John Bolton (right) eating with Ron Nehring (left)

Leading the charge was Nehring.

TheBlaze has more:

“When we started the Tea Party in California, we expected that the GOP would open theirs arms and welcome us in,” said Dawn Wildman, founder of the California Tea Party Groups Coalition, responsible for several successful Tea Party rallies and tax revolts in California. “Instead, Ron Nehring and many other GOP leaders fought against us at every turn. They hijacked media at events claiming successes for themselves. They warned the rank and file to not join us.”

Wildman wasn’t alone.

According to sources who spoke on anonymity due to their current jobs in state government, there were a series of threatening phone calls in 2009 from Nehring to legislators claiming that anyone offering aid and assistance to the Tea Party would become an “enemy” of the Republican Party.

The threats were enough to get Wildman and others to leave the party.

“The threats were so destructive that after that, I burned my Republican Party registration card and became a ‘no party preference’ voter,” said Wildman.

Kerns noted that during Nehring’s chairmanship, Republican voter registration plummeted in California while registration for independents and Democrats skyrocketed. The disparity, many said, was due to the efforts from Nehring.

“Ron Nehring is an elitist GOP leader who never thought the grassroots mattered,” said Tamara Colbert, grassroots activist and a Tea Party co-founder of the group, TeaPAC, based in Southern California and one of the first Tea Party groups to appear on FOX News. “Ron always thought the elite GOP knew better than the grassroots. We are seeing the same pattern now, just on a national scale.”

Kerns said that if it weren’t for independent groups, the Tea Party movement in California would have all but been killed by Nehring and the GOP. However, the group battled on despite Nehring’s best efforts, and it operated outside of the GOP, making it immune to Nehring and his threats.

Now, in all fairness, Nehring did attend a Tea Party rally after he realized the movement wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

But attendees recall him being greeted with boos and jeers from the crowd, who apparently was aware of his behind the scenes efforts to crush their uprising.

Nehring’s addition to the Cruz campaign is evidence that he’s drifting closer to the very establishment that we’re all trying to combat, and it should be a cause for concern for his supporters, especially after he announced that Neil Bush, brother of Jeb, also signed onto his campaign as finance manager.

There’s only two reasons that someone trying to fight the establishment would bring a man like Nehring, who tried to defeat the very movement Cruz has made the cornerstone of his campaign, on board their campaign; 1. They didn’t know about his past, which means he wasn’t thoroughly vetted before being hired; or 2. They know about his past and don’t care because their “fight” against the establishment is merely a ruse to get into office.

Which is it for Cruz? That’s up to you to decide. But regardless of which it is, this move will definitely have people wondering if there’s anything Cruz won’t do to get elected.




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