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BOMBSHELL: Whistleblower Reveals Comey BURIED MILLIONS Of Docs PROVING Trump Was Spied On

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Now that James Comey is out of the FBI, we’re learning a lot more about him and how he ran what used to be the most respected law enforcement agency in the world, and it’s safe to say that he wasn’t as honest as he made himself out to be.

A whistleblower has come forward to reveal that the former FBI director was part of a massive cover up to hide the fact the Obama administration not only spied on then-candidate Donald Trump, but millions upon millions of other Americans. Dennis Montgomery is a former NSA and CIA contractor, and he turned millions upon millions of pages of documentation proving the former administration was engaged in a massive surveillance scheme, and Comey buried it all once he got ahold of it.

While Montgomery’s story isn’t new, Big League Politics has recently discovered even more damning information regarding the spying program that makes the revelations from Edward Snowden seem like child’s play.

From Big League Politics:

As Big League Politics recently reported: real estate mogul Timothy Blixseth claims that he saw records from Montgomery proving that Obama CIA director John Brennan oversaw repeated spying on the phone calls of President Donald Trump and millions of other private American citizens. An audiotape of an interview Blixseth gave –released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow as part of a civil case — is presented below.

In the audiotaped interview — conducted before Trump ever ran for president — Blixseth spoke to former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and detective Mike Zullo. The audio was released in connection with a civil contempt case that the Department of Justice filed against Arpaio. The audio of this conversation appears to only be preserved in one location on the Internet, on a whistleblower Soundcloud page.

“This guy showed me 900 million phone calls. And I see myself in there. I see people I know. I see Donald Trump in there a zillion times, and Bloomberg is in there,” Blixseth said on the tape, referring to information that Montgomery allegedly showed him.

Follow this link to hear the audio from Blixseth

Apparently Blixseth worked for the CIA under the guise of decoding Al-Jazeera television, but what he was really doing was using the government’s vast resources to spy on Americans. At one point during his work for the CIA, he was granted access to a Lockheed Martin building that contained a supercomputer – the same Lockheed Martin that Comey served on the board as an executive until 2010.

Dennis Montgomery told Zullo in a separate interview — also preserved and released on audiotape — that he gained entry to a Lockheed Martin facility in Los Angeles to work on the surveillance program on a super computer contained at the facility. James Comey served as an executive at Lockheed Martin from 2005 until 2010. An insider close to the story estimates that Montgomery gained access to the facility in 2009, at the beginning of the Obama administration, but that date is only a close estimate. Lockheed Martin did not immediately return a request for comment for this report.

Montgomery told Zullo on the tape that he accepted nearly eight thousand dollars from someone, with no receipt, and went to Los Angeles to use the facility.

This link will take you to the audio from the conversation about Lockheed

Comey earned a whopping $6 million from Lockheed in just one year with the company. The same year, 2010, Lockheed became a generous donor to the Clinton Foundation.

According to Blixseth, James Clapper and John Brennen were in charge of the massive surveillance program, and apparently Comey was the in the needed to access Lockheed’s supercomputer. Blixseth has all the evidence necessary to prove his allegations, however, Comey has been the road block standing in the way of bringing those involved down.

Now that Comey’s out of the picture, it will be interesting to see what comes of all of this. Odds are, President Trump knows about this information, which is likely one of the numerous reasons he decided to dismiss the former director.

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