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BOOM! Marco Rubio Lays The SMACK DOWN On Comey, Leaves Him STUTTERING [Video]

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Marco Rubio was one of several senators to question former FBI Director James Comey during today’s Senate hearing, and his unrelenting line of questioning left Comey at a loss for words.

For the most part, the hearing didn’t deliver any major bombshells against President Trump, but the same can’t be said about Comey or the former administration. In fact, throughout his testimony, Comey implicated former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for obstructing justice in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and even exonerate the President from claims he did the same with the Russia investigation.

But one of the more notable parts of the hearing came when the Florida Senator grilled Comey over leaks that came from the FBI. It comes at the end of the video below, and to see Comey’s reaction is absolutely priceless.

Check it out:

This investigation is full of leaks left and right. We’ve learned more from the newspapers sometimes than we’ve learned from our open hearings. You ever wonder why, in all the things in this investigation, the only thing not leaked is the fact that the President was not personally under investigation? Despite the fact that both Republicans and Democrats and the leadership of Congress have known that for weeks?


It’s definitely an interesting question, especially considering that Comey himself admitted to being one of the leakers. In fact, he admitted to telling a friend to leak details of a conversation he had with the President, which he said was in response to a tweet, but was more than likely retaliation for being fired.

Details from that story can be found here.

So yeah, this whole dog and pony show didn’t really do a damn thing to advance the bogus narrative that President Trump is a secret Russian spy. however, it did reveal enough credible evidence to support the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the previous administration.

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