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BOOM! Sen. Tom Cotton DESTROYS Democrat Hack Chuck Schumer On Senate Floor [Video]

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Senator Chuck Schumer took over for “Dingy” Harry Reid as the Minority Leader in the Senate, and he’s every bit as slimy as his predecessor was.

Putting politics before the needs of our nation, Schumer has been delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s cabinet picks despite the fact that Republicans confirmed seven of Obama’s on his first day in office. One such nominee is Mike Pompeo, nominated for CIA Director, who Schumer promised to allow a vote on in the Senate on Friday.

Apparently Schumer reneged on his promise, and Senator Tom Cotton, a veteran who proudly served his country, unlike Schumer, wasn’t too happy about it. According to the Gateway Pundit, Cotton confronted Schumer on the Senate floor and let him have it with both barrels after Schumer made a snide remark.

From the Gateway Pundit:

Senator Cotton approached Schumer to confront him on the US Senate floor. Cotton said to Schumer, “Hey you promised you were going to hold this vote. You didn’t hold it.”

Schumer reportedly said, “Well where were you eight years ago when we were trying to get through all of President Obama’s nominees?”

That’s when Cotton snapped back,

“Eight years ago I was getting my a** shot at in Afghanistan… so don’t talk to me about where I was eight years ago.”

After putting Schumer in his place, Cotton walked away like a boss.



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