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BOOM! Trump’s DOJ Tells Federal Judge To SHOVE IT

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On Tuesday, news broke that a federal judge on the Ninth Circus Court of Banana Peels overturned an executive order from President Trump directing his Justice Department to enforce the law, and the DoJ had an epic response.

So far, the president is 0 for 3 with the Ninth Circus, the highly ideological court stacked with progressive judges who apparently don’t know how to read. However, this time around the administration knows it’s in the right, and it’s not about to let one unelected judge overturn statutory law granting the executive authority to run his branch as he sees fit.

In a statement regarding the case, lawyers for the DoJ said they’ll be continuing with their plans to withhold funding from sanctuary cities, the ruling of the moonbat judge be damned.

From the Daily Caller:

The judge sided with the city of San Francisco and Santa Clara County, California, which both were worried about potentially losing billions in federal money. The DOJ lawyers argued that Santa Clara would have lost less than $1 million in funding. However, the judge said that the order was written too broadly.

Judge William Orrick, an Obama-appointee, also pointed to public comments from Trump administration officials which made the order “unclear.” He said that the administration took a “schizophrenic approach.”

Orrick did uphold the government’s ability to enforce conditions of existing grants and 8 U.S.C. 1373, the federal statute which pertains to sanctuary cities. Ian Prior, a Department of Justice spokesman, said in a statement that the “department will continue to enforce existing grant conditions and will continue to enforce 8 U.S.C. 1373.”

“Further, the order does not purport to enjoin the Department’s independent legal authority to enforce the requirements of federal law applicable to communities that violate federal immigration law or federal grant conditions,” Prior added.

So there you have it. When judges act outside of the law and use their ideological beliefs to rule against cases they simply don’t like, why should we be required to follow their orders?

After all, the laws on the books were passed by representatives we elected to Congress. These judges, on the other hand, are given lifetime appointments without so much as a single vote from the people, and many were fast-tracked by the Democrats because they knew they wouldn’t pass Constitutional muster to get on the courts since they allow their ideology to override their common sense and ability to interpret the law.

Thankfully, once the case makes it to the Supreme Court, it’s more than likely to be overturned, considering the Ninth Circus has a rate of being wrong over 90 percent of the time.



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