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After Boycotting Her Products, Liberals Will Be FURIOUS Seeing What Ivanka Just Did

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The far-left activist group Grab Your Wallet has been putting immense pressure on retailers to drop Ivanka Trump’s products ever since her father defeated liberal heroine Hillary Clinton, but things aren’t exactly working out as planned.

While the group has successfully been able to get Nordstrom, TJMaxx and Marshalls to drop Ivanka’s brand, what they haven’t been able to do is get the Americans who support our new president from buying her products. In fact, the group’s pressure has actually caused an uprising of support for the elder Trump daughter, causing the hashtag #buyivanka to trend on social media.

But that’s not all.

The surge in sales of Ivanka’s products have actually caused her perfume to become a #1 Bestseller on Amazon, shooting ahead of Jennifer Lopez’s scent, as well as Estee Lauder, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Britney Spears’ brands as well, Western Journalism reported.

Oddly enough, while the left is coming down hard on Ivanka because of her father, such criticisms were never launched against Chelsea Clinton for the things her parents have done over the years – a double standard if there ever was one.

Regardless, the push to punish the successful young mother appears to be backfiring in the faces of the hateful left, much like everything else they’ve attempted to do the past year and a half.

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