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BREAKING: After Trump Sends Carrier Group To Asia, China Threatens WAR With NORTH KOREA

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President Donald Trump sent the U.S.S. Carl Vincent carrier strike group to Asian waters on Monday, which appears to have triggered a stunning response from North Korea’s handlers in China.

Zero Hedge is reporting that an editorial in the military-focused Global Times tabloid, owned and operated by the Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, had harsh words for North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un over his nuclear program, and the young dictator may want to heed their warning. In the article, titled “The United States Must Not Choose a Wrong Direction to Break the DPRK Nuclear Deadlock on Wednesday,” Beijing issued a stern threat to Un that if his nation crosses China’s “bottom line,” they won’t hesitate to shut it down immediately using any means necessary, thus rendering the small nation defenseless against the world.

If the North impacts China with its nuclear program through either “nuclear leakage or pollution,” the article stated, then China will respond with as much force as necessary to put a stop to it.

From the article:

“China has a bottom line that it will protect at all costs, that is, the security and stability of northeast China… If the bottom line is touched, China will employ all means available including the military means to strike back. By that time, it is not an issue of discussion whether China acquiesces in the US’ blows, but the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own.”

People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will launch attacks to DPRK nuclear facilities on its own. A strike to nuclear facilities of the DPRK is the best military means in the opinion of the outside world.”

By striking the facilities, the author argued, North Korea’s nuclear ambitions would be over with since it “has limited resources of nuclear materials and is strictly blockaded in the outside world, erasing the possibility for DPRK to get the materials again.”

China also made note that “nuclear weapons is DPRK’s trump card for its defiance of China and the United States. Once this card is lost, it will become obedient immediately.”

Additionally, the writer speculated that rather than fight back in the event of a military strike, the North would “probably block the news to fool its domestic people. The DPRK will freak out if its nuclear facilities are destroyed.”

However, as the author for Zero Hedge mentioned, the most notable part of the article is when the Chinese said that “the DPRK must not fall into the turmoil to send a large number of refugees, it is not allowed to have a government that is hostile against China on the other side of the Yalu River, and the US military must not push forward its forces to the Yalu River,” noting that this sentence was “for the United States” and was written under the premise that was had “already launched attacks to the DPRK.”

In other words, China was letting America know that in the event it neuters the North Korean regime by taking out its nuclear capabilities, it may be ready to pounce to fill the power void and ensure that a friendly government takes over.

It’s worth noting that shortly after the story was published, it was unable to be reached and users only saw a “404 Error” page. However, it was cached by Google, and you can read it in its entirety by clicking here.



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