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BREAKING: After Blaming Trump For Chicago Protests, Cruz Got BAD News From COPS

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On Friday night, mobs of #BlackLivesMatter protesters, organized by the George Soros owned group, swarmed a Chicago arena where Donald Trump was set to hold a rally, then caused so many problems the rally was canceled. Ever since, people have scrambled to lay the blame at the feet of Trump, including GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. However, Cruz shouldn’t have been so quick to pander to the liberal media, because he just received horrible news from policemen across the country.

To anybody not running for office or a part of the liberal media, Friday night was a disgusting display of fascism from unhinged leftists intent on shutting down the First Amendment rights of tens of thousands of Americans. As such, their behavior was diametrically opposed to our Constitutional principles and should be condemned by any patriotic American upset with the direction of our nation.

However, the three other GOP candidates, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich, tried using the opportunity to score political points against their opponent rather than stand for freedom of speech. Too bad for them, their abhorrent pandering isn’t sitting too well with people, especially policemen across the country after numerous cops were injured during the incident.

Pictures and video from the near-riot shows officers being beaten outside of the arena by anti-Trump thugs. They also blocked ambulances and screamed “F**k you! F**k you! Back up and go around!” to emergency personnel, as we previously reported.

BREAKING After Blaming Trump For Chicago Protests, Cruz Got BAD News From COPS

After trying to pin the blame for the horrid behavior on Trump, Cruz lost support from many conservatives who thought he was better than to play political games with such a serious incident. Unfortunately for him, he’s also lost support from law enforcement, who saw Cruz trying to blame Trump as an endorsement for the anti-free speech and anti-police behavior.

Check it out:

Actions have consequences, Ted, and you had a great opportunity to stand up to the leftist bullies trying to silence conservatives, but instead chose to go the sleazy route. That’s what the leftist media and political elite does, and you’re supposed to be better than them.

I’ve read thousands of comments from people who said they’re disgusted with what happened with Cruz and the others, and it’s made them switch to Trump. So it looks like once again, the collective efforts to torpedo his campaign have backfired big time.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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