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BREAKING: After Canceling Chicago, Trump ASSAULTED During Ohio Campaign Stop [Video]

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On Friday night, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was forced to cancel a massive rally after violent protesters descended upon the arena where it was to be held, but apparently, his troubles didn’t end there. During a stop in Ohio on Saturday morning, Trump felt the wrath of an unhinged leftist while he was addressing a crowd of thousands.

While the media, along with the political elitists on both sides of the aisle, try to blame Trump for such violence erupting at his rallies, one only has to look at the behavior of those protesting Trump to see the true cause of it. One such instance occurred earlier in Dayton, Ohio, when an unhinged leftist protesters rushed the stage and assaulted The Donald while he was speaking.

Check it out:

As of now, it’s unclear what exactly caused the disturbance. But whatever it was, the Secret Service was promptly on stage to take care of the issue.

Regardless of what it was, this just goes to show you that those opposing Trump both have no class, and seem completely uninterested in any type of thoughtful discourse. Instead, they would rather assault others and bully them into silence, as we saw last night in Chicago and above during Trump’s campaign stop.

Unfortunately for Trump and his supporters, instances like what happened above aren’t likely to stop anytime soon, especially since the leftist media does everything possible to distort Trump’s message and make him sound as if he’s a racist.



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