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BREAKING: China Puts ENTIRE Military On ‘HIGH ALERT,’ Orders Thousands Of Troops To…

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The situation in Asia is growing increasingly tense as North Korea’s pudgy dictator is threatening nuclear war with the world in response to a U.S. Navy armada steaming toward its shores, and the Chinese government isn’t having any of it.

China, in response to Kim Jung Un’s erratic and sometimes insane behavior, has put its entire military on “high alert” due to the escalating tensions. All five of the nation’s military regions are at the ready for whatever may happen, and Beijing is also sending thousands of additional troops to its border with North Korea, InfoWars is reporting.

Citing the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, a nongovernmental organization in Hong Kong, the Oriental Daily News reports that Beijing has ordered troops from all five of its military regions to be on high alert due to the escalating crisis in the region.

“Armored and mechanized infantry brigades in the provinces of Shandong, Zhejiang and Yunnan received the state mandate,” reports UPI.

Around 25,000 troops of the Chinese military’s 47th group army of the Ninth Armored Brigade have also been told to prepare to travel long distances close to the North Korean border, while other troop divisions may also have been mobilized.

On Monday, we reported that China sent roughly 150,000 troops to its border with North Korea to prepare in the event of a conflict. The move came as President Trump sent the U.S.S. Carl Vincent carrier strike group to the region as a deterrent to Pyongyang’s missile tests, which have been happening more frequently in recent weeks.

As InfoWars reported, the North may be planning on carrying out another nuclear test in the coming weeks, which would be all but certain to garner an unfavorable response from the U.S.

South Korean expert Cheong Seong-chang says that the United States could launch a retaliatory strike against North Korea’s nuclear reactors if the Hermit Kingdom conducts its sixth nuclear test, which could take place over the next two weeks.

Additionally, reports have surfaced that the U.S. has deployed “nuclear sniffer” aircraft to the region, which specialize in “sniffing out” radiation and radioactive debris after a nuclear bomb detonation.

Ever since meeting with President Trump, the Chinese president has shown an increasing willingness to deal with the North Koreans. An article published yesterday in the Global Times – widely seen as the mouthpiece for the Chinese government – indicated that Beijing was willing to carry out its own strike on the North if Un crosses their “bottom line.”



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