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BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Just Did The UNTHINKABLE On Senate Floor, He NEEDS TO GO NOW! [Vid]

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On Wednesday morning, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to address the President’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, and what he did in front of the camera is beyond reprehensible.

For over a year now, we’ve repeatedly heard from the Democrats that whenever President Trump challenges either a judge or someone else in government he doesn’t like, that he’s eroding the confidence in our institutions. While we all know that criticizing someone over a disagreement doesn’t erode anything, what does cause the public to lose trust in our government is when officials are accused of lying.

However, that didn’t stop Sen. Schumer from doing exactly that on the floor of the Senate this morning, only it wasn’t the President or anyone directly serving him that Schumer attacked with zero evidence whatsoever. Instead, it was Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenthal, who was recently confirmed to his position after Democrats, led by Schumer, slow walked the nomination.

Check out the utterly disgusting display of political gamesmanship:

Isn’t that lovely? While Schumer scraping the bottom of the barrel shouldn’t be surprising since that’s where he’s lived his entire life, what is surprising is that he launched an absolutely baseless attack against a man who enjoyed widespread support from the Senate when he was confirmed.

In fact, the Senate voted 94-6 to confirm Rosenstein as the new Assistant Attorney General, which by far is the most bipartisan support that any one of President Trump’s nominees has received.

Politico reported that just a short time ago, Sen. Schumer heaped praise upon Rosenstein for his integrity after the Senate confirmed him for office. Other Democrats senators also endorsed Trump’s pick for the position, but now all of the sudden the same man is no good, in their opinion.

So what’s changed that Schumer all of the sudden called the same man he heaped praise upon just a week ago a liar today?


To Democrats, everything is now about getting President Trump out of office regardless of what it takes. So if they have to stab a man in the back they loved as recently as last week, so be it.

After all, the ends justify the means, and apparently Rosenthal is someone else getting in the way of achieving their goal, so to hell with honesty and integrity.

It’s absolutely terrifying how easily these people will throw someone under the bus if it means scoring political points.



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