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BREAKING: Comey Admits MASSIVE Bombshell About Leaks During Hearing [Video]

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Former FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress for the first time since being fired by President Trump, and during his testimony he admitted a massive bombshell.

While being questioned by Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, Comey was pressed about President Trump suggesting there may have been “tapes” of conversations the two men had. While speaking about the topic, Comey admitted to a massive bombshell that confirms what many people have suspected all along – he’s one of the leakers.

No, seriously.

Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the day after the President suggested their conversations may have been recorded, he told a friend to leak the content of one of his memos to the press, however, he claimed he didn’t leak it directly. When asked who the “friend” was, Comey refused to say a name and instead simply stated he was a professor from a university.

Check it out:

Folks, this is a big deal. The former FBI Director just admitted to leaking information that directly undermined the sitting U.S. President, knowing it would lead to a special prosecutor being appointed, just so he could save his own hide.

That alone is a huge blow to his credibility, let alone the clear double standards with which he dealt with the investigations into Hillary Clinton and President Trump. For an acting director to do something like this borderlines on seditious activity, and at the minimum is a clear indicator that he was more concerned with a personal agenda than the overall good of the country.

The question now is, how many other leaks was he responsible for? Marco Rubio made an asutue observation that sheds some insight into the possible answer:




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