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BREAKING: Comey Throws Loretta Lynch UNDER THE BUS Over Hillary’s Emails, Special Prosecutor NOW!

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During today’s Senate Intelligence hearing, former FBI Director James Comey made it clear that he isn’t going to take the blame for the botched investigation into Hillary’s emails.

Comey made two important points about the investigation, and both of them boil down to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch obstructing justice and getting in the way of the FBI doing its job. The former director was pressed about the matter at least two separate times, and both times he revealed details that he couldn’t previously discuss due to his still working for the government.

But the truth always finds a way of getting out.

The first point worthy of note is when Comey was pressed by Sen. Richard Burr over his handling of Hillary’s investigation. According to Comey, Lynch had attempted to downplay the issue and even instructed him to call the investigation a “matter” rather than what it was – clearly obstructing Comey’s ability to bring Hillary to justice.

The second, and perhaps more important, incident of Comey throwing Lynch under the bus was when he told the committee that she was asked numerous times in a private setting to appoint a special prosecutor, and every time she refused.

So that’s that. If you’re going to take Comey at his word for whatever he said about President Trump and the Russia investigation, you have to do the same with what he said about Lynch.

The difference being that there’s actually evidence of wrongdoing from Lynch, whereas thus far, there’s yet to be any evidence of the same from President Trump. So if she were smart, she’d be getting an attorney ASAP, since this is likely to be blown wide open.



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