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BREAKING: DAMNING New ‘Vault 7’ Wikileaks Dump Reveals Shocking TRUTH About ‘Russian’ Hacks

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The narrative that Russia hacked our election just took a massive blow from Wikileaks.

The organization, headed by Julian Assange, just released its latest batch of documents from “Vault 7,” the largest trove of CIA-related information ever published, and within the hundreds of files is data showing how the spy agency goes to enormous lengths to disguise its hacking attacks to point the finger at foreign nations. In fact, the intelligence agency goes so far to hide its tracks that its source commands are written in the native language for whatever nation they’re trying to blame, including Russian.

The information released by Wikileaks has been reviewed by experts who say they believe it to be authentic, which isn’t a surprise considering the organization has a ten-year track record of never getting anything wrong.

Wikileaks says that their files contain source code for the CIA’s Marble software that has test examples written in Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, and, you guessed it, Russian. The software is able to forensically hide Trojans, viruses, and hacking attacks, allowing the CIA to infiltrate sensitive systems and databases without leaving its own fingerprints on the attacks.

More from MailOnline:

It says: ‘This would permit a forensic attribution double game, for example by pretending that the spoken language of the malware creator was not American English, but Chinese.’

This could lead forensic investigators into wrongly concluding that CIA hacks were carried out by the Kremlin, the Chinese government, Iran, North Korea or Arabic-speaking terror groups such as ISIS.

Experts who’ve started to sift through the material said it appeared legitimate – and that the release was almost certain to shake the CIA.

Indeed it should. With the Russian hysteria that’s encompassed the Democrats and media alike, it’s hard not to wonder if this was all a carefully orchestrated plan to both from the Kremlin while undermining the current president.

If so, it would be the biggest political scandal in American history, second only to the widespread surveillance of an incoming president.



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