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BREAKING: DAYS After Media Slams Trump Over Sweden, TOTAL CHAOS Erupts In Stockholm

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Over the weekend, the media had a field day trying to eviscerate President Trump over his suggestion that Sweden has seen increasing crime after opening the flood gates to migrants, and on Monday night they were forced to eat humble pie.

According to numerous reports, the immigrant-rich Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, Sweden erupted into total chaos as hundreds of young people went on the warpath through their community. Both Dagbladet and Expressen are reporting that the migrant youths were throwing rocks at police while setting cars ablaze, forcing police to fire warning shots as they tried to get the chaotic situation under control.

Zero Hedge has more:

Freelance Photographer Janne Åkesson has also been at the site Monday night and early Tuesday. “They threw stones at police and police fired warning shots. I got out when it was at its worst” he said to Dagbladet. He added that there were many youths with hoods and hats on.

“It was very chaotic. I have seen much in Rinkeby: they burn cars all the time – unfortunately this was beyond the ordinary.”

The alarm came to the police at 20:18 on Monday evening. A police patrol should then have been in the area for disposing of a wanted person.

In connection with this began several people at the subway throwing stones at police.

BREAKING: DAYS After Media Slams Trump Over Sweden, TOTAL CHAOS Erupts In Stockholm

There appeared a number of young people threw stones at the police patrol. I do not know how many it concerned, but there will be several people anyway, says Lars Bystrom, spokesperson at the Stockholm police, told Expressen TV.

Police patrol on the site must have felt so constricted that they were forced to fire warning shots in connection with the stoning. The police will then have withdrawn from the location.

Photos of the site, one can see how many cars are on fire, and emergency services are on site to extinguish them.

So it appears as if President Trump was again right; Sweden’s crime is out of control after allowing in migrants from third-world hellholes. Although don’t expect the American media to report on it, and if they do, it’ll likely be spun to either blame Trump or to say that they’re starting demolition for a community beautification project.

Regardless, you know the mainstream media won’t give the American people the real story of what’s going on.



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