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BREAKING: Fraud In The Making? CRITICAL Voting Machines STOLEN From CRUCIAL Special Election

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Something fishy is going on in a special election that Democrats have spent upwards of $10 million on what they’re calling a referendum on President Trump.

On Saturday evening, several critical voting machines were stolen from a Cobb County, Georgia precinct, and today is the day that voters will head off to the polls to cast their ballots. The ExpressPoll machines were inside one of the precinct manager’s vehicle when they were swiped by a thief, and what’s extremely strange about the whole incident is how long it took for their theft to be reported to authorities.

WSB-TV reports that the vehicle was in a Kroger parking lot when thieves were able to get inside of it and take the computers that poll workers use to check-in voters, as well as check-off those who have already cast ballots. According to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Cobb County officials waited an entire two days before reporting the theft to his office, which begs the question of why it took so long given the importance of the upcoming election.

This particular district is important as well. Democrats have been framing it as a referendum on the new president, and they’ve spent over $8.6 million in an effort to get the +8 Republican district to swing Democrat for the first time since Newt Gingrich vacated the seat decades ago.

“The fact that a Democrat in a red district like this will make it into the runoff and likely be the leading vote-getter tells you about the intensity of the energy behind Democrats and progressives,” said Jesse Ferguson, a former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) staffer.

“The same thing that’s fueling 200 protests around the country on Saturday is fueling progressive energy around the Atlanta suburbs,” Ferguson added.

However, Hot Air pointed out that special elections are very unique and defy correlation with regular elections. Turnout models are more vulnerable to special interests, activists, and cash, which also means that they’re ripe to be stolen through fraud.

While it’s unclear whether or not the theft of the machines Saturday night was an attempt to swing the election one way or another, one thing remains certain; Democrats are desperate to score some sort of victory amid their six-month losing spree since November so anything is possible, and Georgia’s voters agree.

“[The theft is] very shocking, especially with the climate we have of voter fraud out there,” one Georgia voter told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt.




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