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BREAKING: After GOP Debate, Koch Bros. Make MASSIVE Announcement About Trump

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Last night’s GOP debate was many things, but impressive wasn’t one of them as it devolved into basically an all-out was against frontrunner Donald Trump by Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, which took time away from debating substantive issues that Americans wanted to hear about. Following the lackluster performance, the highly influential billionaire Koch brothers made a bombshell announcement about Trump and his campaign.

Most everyone following the primaries thus far are aware that the GOP establishment intends on pumping millions of dollars into an effort to derail Trump’s chances at becoming the eventual nominee, despite his massive support from conservatives that continues to grow. However, it appears as if the GOP is going to have to do so without the help of the Koch brothers.

Rumors had been circulating that the duo would use their massive war chest to upend Trump’s shot at the presidency. But according to Reuters, spokesman James Davis shot down the idea that the pair would use some of the $400 million they have allocated for the election to take on The Donald.

“We have no plans to get involved in the primary,” said Davis, who was speaking on behalf of the Kochs’ political group, Freedom Partners.

In January, speculation over whether or not the Kochs would intervene and launch an “anybody but Trump” effort hit a fever pitch after they invited 500 of their wealthiest donors to California. Both brothers are conservative, but Trump’s stances on immigration and trade protectionism aren’t in-line with their libertarian-leaning beliefs on the subjects.

The Kochs’ decision to stay out of the fray doesn’t come from a deep love of Trump. Instead, according to Davis, they fear they would be wasting their money since there hasn’t been a successful attack against “Teflon Don” to date.

This latest decision from the Kochs, who have played pivotal roles in prior elections, to stay out of this one is merely another sign that the GOP establishment is starting to realize they’re not going to be able to stop the Trump train, even if they try. With any kind of luck, the rest of the establishment will come to the same conclusion, then let the elections play out based upon what We the People decide- not what a bunch of rich guys in Washington think is best.



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