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JUST IN: GOP Operative Tried Getting Hillary’s Emails, Talked To Media, Then ‘COMMITTED SUICIDE’

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Last month, GOP operative Peter Smith was seeking Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails, then died shortly after going to the Wall Street Journal with the story, and now we know what happened to him.

For some reason, whenever people get close to digging up dirt on the Clintons, they wind up dead in one way or another. Many believe that Seth Rich, the DNC staffer gunned down in cold-blood last summer, was the source of the emails given to Wikileaks, and that his death was actually a murder to set an example to other leakers, and his death isn’t the first suspicious death surrounding Clinton and the Democrats.

In fact, last year, at least three different people with connections to the Clintons died mysterious deaths, the most notable being former United Nations President John Ashe, who was set to testify in a corruption trial just days after he was suddenly killed by a barbell incident. His death is one of dozens surrounding the corrupt Clinton clan dating back to Bill Clinton’s time as Arkansas governor.

There’s been so many mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons that conspiracy theorists have dubbed them “Arkancide” and there’s a website that’s actually keeping tabs of the Clinton Body Count. All told, there’s been over 40 people with ties to the Clintons who’ve mysteriously perished, and now it seems as if we can add yet another.

According to the Washington Examiner, Smith was hot on the trial of tracking down Hillary’s deleted emails last month when he agreed to an interview with the Wall Street Journal. At the time, he revealed his efforts and that he had been tirelessly working to uncover the contents of the emails, which many thought were gone forever after Hillary had them completely destroyed using Bleachbit.

Just a week and a half after talking to the Journal, Smith was found dead, although the cause of his death was never reported, until now. According to the Chicago Tribune, Smith was found in a Minnesota motel room after allegedly committing suicide.

Sound familiar?

Although instead of shooting himself in the back of the head, twice, Smith chose a less gruesome approach to killing himself. Police records reveal that he placed a bag over his head, then used helium to deplete his oxygen supply, suffocating himself lifeless.

The same police records reveal that he left a suicide note complaining of poor health and saying his life insurance was expiring. Smith was 81 at the time of his death, and a search for stories about his health and mental state yielded few results.

We’ll leave you to speculate whether or not Smith committed Arkancide, but it sure is something that this is the fourth person connected to Hillary Clinton who died in an unexpected manner within just a year’s time.



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