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BREAKING: Heidi Cruz Makes MAJOR Announcement About Campaign… This Isn’t Good

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Following the week-long controversy surrounding the wives of the two leading GOP candidates, Heidi Cruz made a major announcement that could spell trouble ahead for her husband.

A new report from Politico states that the wife of Sen. Ted Cruz is canceling all of her campaign appearances in the northern New Jersey GOP stronghold of Morris County and the south Jersey town of Haddon Heights on Wednesday, among other stops throughout the state. However, it’s unclear if the cancelations are due to the explosive allegations from the National Enquirer, who accused her husband of having numerous extra-marital affairs.

The latest developments come after a week of turmoil for the Cruz campaign, which seemingly started when a pro-Cruz Super PAC ran by Liz Mair, who worked for Cruz supporter Carly Fiorina, ran an attack ad against Donald Trump featuring his wife from a naked photo shoot. Since then, the two candidates have traded jabs, and on Friday, the feud exploded after the NE report was published.

Cruz has since done everything possible to blame Trump for the story even though it’s been widely reported that it originated with operatives from former candidate Marco Rubio’s campaign. Then during a Monday press conference, Cruz failed to answer a direct question from a reporter asking if he ever cheated on his wife, fueling speculation that the senator isn’t being honest about his relationship.

While it’ still unclear whether or not Heidi’s cancellations are due in whole or in part to the scandal, both she and her husband had to have known they would provide fodder for the gossip. Although in all fairness, there’s numerous reasons she may have canceled the events.

Regardless, in light of everything that’s happened, this really doesn’t look good for the Cruz campaign.

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