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BREAKING: Hillary Campaign TERRIFIED After What Trump Revealed During EPIC Speech

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Donald Trump delivered his much anticipated speech outlining the numerous faults of Hillary Clinton, and it was every bit as good as we could have imagined.

Hillary’s sordid past isn’t a secret to those of us paying attention, but it was just exposed in a major way by the presumptive GOP nominee, who didn’t pull any punches at all when speaking about his rival. The speech, in which Trump appeared “presidential” while speaking with a teleprompter, lasted roughly 30 minutes, and it was a pointed attack against the former Secretary of State that outlined her numerous failures while serving as secretary and painted the picture of a corrupt oligarch who only looks out for herself.

Trump also tried to appeal to supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, and did so rather well by borrowing some of his talking points and speaking about the “rigged” system in America that only benefits businesses and the political elite. The billionaire even had the perfect response to Hillary’s slogan, “I’m with her,” when he said that he’s “with you,” meaning We the People, and pointing to how such a slogan is quite narcissistic and speaks to a larger problem with Clinton herself.

Trump had another excellent line of attack when he said that Clinton is “the most corrupt person to ever run for president” in America’s history, after he listed off numerous shady “donations” she’s received from foreign governments, including brutal Islamic regimes that execute gays and horribly oppress women.

If anyone had been doubting Trump’s ability to compete in the general election, his speech should help ease their minds some, since it showed both that he can stay calm and collected, and that he’ll be relentless in going after the presumptive Democrat nominee.

The full speech is below. Fast-forward to around the 34-minute mark to see it from the beginning:

Wasn’t that something? Say hello to your next president.



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