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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton DIRECTLY Tied To Trump Wiretapping, Time To INVESTIGATE HER

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Those on the left are throwing yet another collective temper tantrum after President Donald Trump claimed that Trump Tower in New York City had been wiretapped by the Obama administration, but there’s mountains of evidence it actually happened.

We previously reported that former Obama officials have admitted to the surveillance, and there’s also mountains of evidence that Obama had a penchant for spying on his political adversaries while in office, at least one of whom was Fox News correspondent James Rosen – a private citizen. But now another piece of the puzzle has been discovered, and this time it involves Hillary Clinton, who seems to have had direct knowledge of the wiretaps.

Back in July, Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton privately on an airplane on the tarmac in Arizona. The details of the meeting weren’t ever truthfully disclosed, but they likely had something to do with the FISA request that was to be submitted for Trump just days after, as Heat Street reported was the first attempt by the Obama admin to get a wiretapping warrant against Hillary’s opponent.

The request was denied; however, the administration wasn’t deterred. In October, another request was submitted to the secretive court, and this time around it was approved, as Heat Street’s initial report revealed.

Guess what happened just days after the warrant was granted?

Hillary Clinton suddenly gained knowledge of the clandestine server in Trump Tower and released a statement about it. Keep in mind that it would have been Loretta Lynch who went to the FISA court, or at least signed off on the request.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton DIRECTLY Tied To Trump Wiretapping, Time To INVESTIGATE HER

In the statement, Hillary claims that “computer scientists” learned of the server in Trump Tower. However, you don’t even need to read between the lines to realize that “computer scientists” are actually forensic investigators working for the Obama administration, which means that classified information was leaked to the Hillary campaign, ostensibly to help her win the election.

One thing to keep in mind is that this all happened when they thought Hillary was going to win. So now it appears as if they’re on the offensive in an effort to cover up their abuse of government.

Isn’t that something? It’s not even a huge logical leap to connect the dots with this, and we’re only at the beginning of it all.

Yesterday on Fox & Friends, someone with close ties to the Trump administration said that the Justice Department is going to be looking into the efforts to undermine Trump’s presidency, and they’re predicting jail time for those involved.

Those chanting “Lock her up!” may just get their wish after all.



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