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BREAKING: Hillary Just Pulled A TWISTED Move To Rig Monday Night’s Debate

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Monday night’s debate is going to be the most watched political event in America’s history, and Hillary Clinton just pulled a twisted move to rig it in her favor.

For months now, billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been a staunch supporter of Hillary’s, and has had some strong words for her opponent as one of her surrogates. But now, it appears as if Hillary’s going to be using him as much more than merely a surrogate.

On Thursday night, the most fined owner in the NBA tweeted out that he was able to land front row seats to the debate at Hofstra University, and suggested that he may be there for the purpose of knocking Trump off his game.

Note the end of his tweet, “it is on.” What does he have planned that he’s so excited to sit front row?

Earlier this month, Cuban has said he wants to moderate a debate between the two candidates because he would “crush” Trump. So perhaps he’s going to be there to run interference?

“I would get to the heart of the matter,” Cuban said. “‘Do you understand this question? And then I would ask a follow up question: ‘Do you know where Aleppo is? Do you know what the issues are? Do you know what’s the history of this city and the conflict?’”

“If you stay with it, he will crumble.”

Or maybe his sitting front row is something else entirely. Being a bombastic billionaire himself, who has been thrown out of numerous basketball games in his own stadium, maybe the Clinton campaign saw him as the perfect stand-in for Trump during practice?

Who better to have sitting front row than the person you’ve been practicing with?



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