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BREAKING: State Dept. Just Threw Hillary UNDER THE BUS Over ‘Security Review,’ She’s TICKED

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Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has done everything she can to try to downplay the current “security review” over her home brewed email server, but try as she might, she’s just not able to escape the ongoing investigation. She just received some horrible news from her own State Department, and it’s more evidence that her world is collapsing right out from underneath her.

For months now, we’ve heard the former Secretary of State tell crowds of audiences and reporters alike that the ongoing investigation is a mere “security review” and that there’s nothing that she or anyone involved needs to worry about. In fact, if you were to listen to her, what’s happening is standard operating procedure for the government, even though the FBI has on numerous occasions declared it a criminal investigation that could end with her being charged.

For some background on Clinton’s continual dodging of the investigation, check out this Fox News report below:

So while the last thing Clinton wants is for her supporters to believe she’s under federal criminal investigation, which is why she’s done everything she can to downplay it, she won’t be getting any help from the State Department, which has seemingly covered for her as much as it can thus far. In fact, a Friday report from the Associated Press stated that the agency has had to suspend its own investigation – the actual security review – because it doesn’t want to interfere with the ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI.

Check it out:

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday the department had paused the review to avoid interfering with an ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server while she was America’s top diplomat. She said the decision was made after the department sought the FBI’s advice on how to proceed with the review and received word that it should follow its standard practice. Trudeau said the department’s standard practice is to place internal reviews “on hold while there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation underway.”

An FBI spokeswoman declined to comment.

“Of course, we do not want our internal review to complicate or impede the progress of their ongoing law enforcement investigation,” Trudeau told reporters. “Therefore, the State Department at this time is not moving forward with our internal review.” Trudeau said the department would “reassess next steps” in the internal review process once the FBI completes its probe.

Ouch. So much for a mere “security review,” huh. That’s actually a narrative she’s used as recently as mid-March. Do you think she’s going to continue with it now that her former agency isn’t covering for her anymore?

Sadly, Clinton has been playing semantics with the entire ordeal to escape any major backlash from her supporters, which has seemingly worked up until this point. However, once word gets around that even the State Department is saying that she’s under criminal investigation and it has to suspend its own review as to not interfere with it, Clinton’s credibility, even among her strongest supporters, could be seriously undermined since it’s more evidence of her blatant dishonesty and willingness to say and do anything to get elected.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this entire ordeal is that few of her supporters seem to be asking why, as America’s top diplomat who headed the State Department, Clinton wasn’t able to discern what was and wasn’t classified material before sending it. As Secretary of State, it was her job to be able to make such a determination without someone holding her hand, which means she’s either lying about not knowing the material – deemed classified after the fact by the agency – was classified at the time of transmission, or she’s lying about her qualifications to run the nation.

But regardless of how you look at it – Hillary Clinton is lying.



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