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BREAKING: Intelligence Community Just Made SICK Move Against Trump, This Is TREASON

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President Trump has been at odds with the intelligence community since winning the election, but their contentious relationship just took a turn for the worse.

A report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that members of the IC apparently lack trust in the duly elected president, so they’re committing borderline treasonous acts that they believe is protecting sensitive information. The unnamed sources, which seem to be a thing lately, told the WSJ they’re concerned with how President Trump supported Putin during the election, and as a result they fear he may share sensitive material with our Russian adversaries.

So their plan of action is to actually withhold information from the commander-in-chief, as if they’re the ones in charge and he works for them.

Probably not a smart move.

More on the report from the Daily Caller:

The decision to withhold certain information suggests a deep level of mistrust within the agencies toward Trump, and the leak underscores the developing narrative of a major rift between Trump and the intelligence community. Trump has at times praised and bashed the intelligence community in recent months. He blamed them Wednesday for leaking the news about Michael Flynn that led to his resignation.

Officials told TheWSJ the withheld information was not crucial information about national security threats, and was in some cases regarding the sources and methods of the information. Agencies have withheld similar information from past presidents, the story notes, but not because they deemed those presidents untrustworthy.

The White House told TheWSJ they have seen nothing leading them to believe the report is an “accurate account of what is actually happening.”

Whether or not the report is actually true remains to be seen; however, if it is it’s time for the president to clean house and restore order to the rogue agencies working against him. Members of the intelligence community, none of whom hold elected positions, work for the president that We the People elected into office, not the other way around, and as such it’s their job to gather intel and share it with him, not selectively decide what intel he should and shouldn’t be seeing.



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