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BREAKING: Japan Just Made TERRIFYING Announcement Amid N. Korea’s Nuclear Threats

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The chubby dictator of North Korea has threatened nuclear action if the United States provokes him, which provoked a terrifying response from Japan.

Apparently, Japanese leaders are fearing the worst in the increasingly tense situation between the U.S. and North Korea. According to Press TV, the island nation is finishing its final preparations to evacuate some 60,000 Japanese citizens from South Korea.

The North is predicted to test a nuclear weapon this weekend as it celebrates its founder’s birthday, which many believe is going to lead to a military conflict of some kind. It appears as if Japan either knows something the rest of us don’t, or they’re simply not taking any chances with their people.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars has more:

Japan is finalizing plans to evacuate 60,000 of its citizens from South Korea in the event of war as tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to build.

Japan’s National Security Council has held urgent discussions on how it would provide safe passage for its citizens if a major crisis arose out of a potential North Korean nuclear test, which some have predicted could happen this weekend.

Japanese authorities are also readying for a potential wave of North Korean refugees to pour into the country, amongst whom could be hidden spies and agents, Japanese media reported.

“Besides commercial ships and planes, Japan would want to send military aircraft and ships to assist in the evacuation if the South Korean government agreed,” reports Press TV.

The fear is if the U.S. launches a strike against the North over its nuclear test, Kim Jung Un will retaliate by striking South Korea, where millions of citizens and tens of thousands of U.S. troops reside. The problem is that despite being overpowered by American might, Un is crazy enough to launch a counter-attack even though it would lead to his military being vaporized.

The report from Japan comes amid a separate reports that China has been amassing troops along North Korea’s border to prepare for conflict, should it arise. Additionally, the U.S. now has two destroyers in position to strike the North if it does carry out its planned nuclear test.

Additionally, Zero Hedge is reporting that Chinese leaders have “the feeling that a war could break out at any moment” if tensions continue to escalate.

UPDATE: South Korea’s military commanders have now ordered their troops to be ready to “mercilessly retaliate” against the North if Un decides to strike their nation.

From Yonhap:

The new commander of South Korea’s Marine Corps took office on Thursday calling on his 30,000 troops to be ready to “mercilessly retaliate” against North Korea’s provocations.

In a change-of-commander ceremony, Lt. Gen. Jun Jin-goo pointed out that the elite forces have played a key role in the front-line defense of the country.

“The Marine Corps has protected places most difficult to defend but should be done so at all costs” from Baengnyeong Island near the western sea border with North Korea to Pohang, Ullleung Island and Jeju Island, he said in his speech at the event held the headquarters of the Marine Corps in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.

He urged his unit to maintain full readiness on the basis of combat-oriented spirit to “mercilessly retaliate” against an enemy’s provocation.



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