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ALERT: Karl Rove Drops BOMBSHELL Over Cruz’s Cheating Scandal In Iowa

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By now most people have heard about the scandal that took place in Iowa with Ted Cruz convincing voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, which had Carson quite upset. Well, it turns out he should have been, and so should GOP contender Donald Trump after the bombshell that Karl Rove, who isn’t a Trump fan, dropped on Fox News last night.

Jim Hoft from the Gateway Pundit explained the chain of events that took place on Monday evening as Iowans prepared to vote for their favorite candidates.

At 7:01 p.m., just before the caucuses were set to start, the Cruz camp sent out the following message:

BREAKING: Karl Rove Drops BOMBSHELL Over Cruz’s Cheating Scandal In Iowa
Image credit: Gateway Pundit

Interesting, to say the least, especially because Carson hadn’t indicated to anybody that he was going to withdraw. Apparently, Karl Rove, who is definitely not a Trump fan, also found it interesting, and on Wednesday night, he broke down exactly how Cruz’s antics may very well have cost The Donald the Iowa election.

“The Cruz Campaign, Spence Rogers, sends out a tweet. And the tweet is headlined, “Press says that Carson is going to take a break”… so tell all the Carson people to campaign with Cruz… At 7:53 the Carson people send out a release saying, “We’re here. We’re staying in the race. We’re going to New Hampshire and South Carolina.” And at 8:20 the national co-chairman of the Cruz campaign, Steve King, sends out a tweet saying, “It looks like Carson is getting out of the race.” Now they knew at this point that this was inaccurate.

“Senator Cruz in his initial explanation about this said we were sending it to our team, leaving the implication, I suspect, to most viewers, that this had to do with sending it out to staff members. No, no, no… They sent this to their nearly 1,500 precinct captains. There are 1,500 precincts in the state. And they sent this message from Spence Roberts (Rogers). Now why does that matter. Now the gap between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is 6,239 votes. There are 1,500 precincts. Do the math… If that message cost Carson four votes per precinct to switch to Cruz, then Cruz beats Trump. If he doesn’t switch four, then he loses.

Damn. Isn’t that something? The math adds up too, if you think about it.

Either way, Cruz has run a campaign based upon integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness, yet the stunt he pulled in Iowa stands in direct contrast to those principles. Yeah, I get it, politics are tough and candidates do anything to win, but that move looked more like something we’d see from Hillary Clinton rather than a GOP candidate campaigning on cleaning up Washington’s dirty politics, in my opinion anyways.

What do you think? Does Cruz’s move in Iowa change your views on him at all?



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