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BREAKING: Look Who Was Spotted In Hawaii RIGHT Before Judge Smacked Down Trump Travel Ban

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Last night, a federal judge in Hawaii shot down President Trump’s second attempt at a travel ban despite the fact it was tailored to the previous ruling from the Ninth Circuit.

People across the country scratched their heads in disbelief as news broke of U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson ruled that Muslims in other countries have special Constitutional rights the rest of us don’t have, and no we’re learning a little more as they he did so – his former schoolmate from college was in town and likely talked to him.

According to a report from Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars, Barack Obama, who appointed Judge Watson to the bench, made a return “home” just hours before the ruling was made on the immigration ban.

Check it out:

A ruling by a federal judge in Hawaii that blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban was announced less than 48 hours after Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Honolulu, leading some to speculate that the former president may have schemed with the judge he originally appointed.

Hours before Trump’s travel ban on individuals from six Muslim countries was set to go into effect yesterday, US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who presides in Honolulu, slapped down the policy, citing Trump’s comments on Muslims during the presidential campaign as part of his reason for blocking the ban.

Obama graduated the same year as the judge, and then appointed him to the bench in 2012. While in Hawaii, he golfed but said he also had time to “take care of business” and was seen dining just five minutes from the court house.

With the two men having a history together, and given the fact that Obama was literally minutes away from Watson while in Hawaii, it’s not exactly crazy to presume the two likely met just before Watson issued a ruling that has many saying we’re in the middle of a constitutional crisis being caused by the very judiciary Watson is a part of.



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