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BREAKING: Malik Obama Shares Barack’s Actual BIRTH CERTIFICATE

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The debate over where Barack Obama was born still hasn’t ended, and his brother from Kenya just threw gas on the fire with an image he shared.

Malik Obama, a staunch Trump supporter and naturalized U.S. Citizen, has been highly critical of his brother throughout his tenure as president, although he still claims the two are close. However, that latter is up for debate after Malik posted a picture what appears to be his brother’s actual birth certificate…from Kenya.

Check it out:

Interesting, no? It lists all of the proper information for Obama, has the proper parents, and appears to be the same one that went around the web back around 2010.

The document, which was obtained by Lucas Daniel Smith in 2009 from the Coast Provincial General Hospital, was signed off by the hospital’s chief administrator Heltan Maganga and stamped “Feb 2009. It was later submitted as evidence in a lawsuit brought by Orly Taitz in California.

There’s been much speculation over whether or not it’s authentic; however, Smith’s story checks out.

Meanwhile, former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio led an investigation into the birth certificate that Barack Obama presented to the country to “settle the dispute.” his findings were beyond troubling, with the world’s leading forensics investigators determining that it had numerous points of forgery.

Below is Arpaio’s press conference when he describes what his investigative team discovers:

Regardless, now that Obama’s out of office it doesn’t matter where he was born. Although it would be nice to finally learn the truth about him, especially after he had all of his previous records completely sealed.



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