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BREAKING: Mueller Adds ANOTHER High-Powered Lawyer To Team, And He’s The WORST YET

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Special counsel Robert Mueller just added the sixteenth member to his team of high-powered lawyers looking into alleged collusion between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, and he too has apparent conflicts of interest.

So far, at least a dozen of the attorneys have some sort of ties to the Democrat Party, and now with the addition of Greg Andres, there will be yet another Democrat lawyer probing the President’s past after Mueller was given virtually an unlimited scope. According to Reuters, Andres worked with Obama’s Justice Department from 2010 through 2012, the same period that the “Fast & Furious” scandal was occurring, and he specializes in fraud and illegal bribery.

From Reuters:

Most recently a white-collar criminal defense lawyer with New York law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell, Andres, 50, served at the Justice Department from 2010 to 2012. He was deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division, where he oversaw the fraud unit and managed the program that targeted illegal foreign bribery.

Mueller, who was appointed special counsel in May, is looking into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election, among other matters. Congressional committees are also investigating the matter.

Do you feel any better about the investigation yet? You shouldn’t.

As we previously reported:

Mueller selected James Quarles, Jeannie Rhee and Andrew Weissman to make up members of his legal team, among the five lawyers identified by CNN.

Those three lawyers have collectively made more than $53,000 in political donations since 1988. More than half of those donations came from Quarles.

Quarles has donated close to $33,000 to Democratic political campaigns, including to Democratic presidential candidates Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

He also donated more than $20,000 to groups helping to elect Democrats to the House and Senate.

Additionally, Jeannie Rhee was a Clinton Foundation lawyer in 2015, when she defended the fraud charity from Freedom of Information Act requests related to Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Yesterday, we reported that Arizona Rep. Trent Franks, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, called for Mueller to step down from the probe due to his obvious conflicts of interest. After learning about his newest team member, not only does Mueller need to step down, but this whole investigation needs to be shut down because it’s obvious it’s become a total witch hunt.

Isn’t it funny how A.G. Sessions recused himself over a meeting he had with the Russian ambassador during his official duty as a U.S. Senator, but Mueller gets to stay despite there being conflicts so obvious Stevie Wonder could pick them out of a lineup?




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