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BREAKING: New DNC Chair Goes ON UNHINGED Rant: ‘Republicans Don’t Give A Sh-t About…’

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Barack Obama’s former labor secretary has taken over as the new DNC chair after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was ousted for rigging the primaries in Hillary Clinton’s favor, and it’s safe to say that he’s every bit as unhinged as his predecessor.

Speaking at a rally hosted by the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, not to be confused with the National Socialist Workers Party, Tom Perez started by congratulating the agitators who showed up in droves to Washington the day after President Trump was inaugurated, and things only went downhill from there.

According to Perez, the people gathered in protest around the nation to proclaim that Trump doesn’t “stand for our values,” and that “Donald Trump you didn’t win the election!”

As his speech went on, Perez proudly declared to the crowd that he doesn’t “care” if people, the same people who’ll be voting in 2018, have a problem with what he’s saying, just like how the “Republicans don’t give a sh-t about people!”

The entirety of the rally was livestreamed on WFA’s Facebook page, and if you can stomach it, the video is below:

The resistance is strong in New Jersey! Watch our live stream of the We Build the Resistance Rally with DNC Chair Tom Perez, DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison, New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chair John Currie, Rep, Donald M. Payne Jr., Newark City Mayor Ras J. Baraka, and CWA District 1 Director Hetty Rosenstein.

Posted by New Jersey Working Families Alliance on Friday, March 31, 2017

What’s sad is that Perez’s message was carefully crafted by a team of speechwriters, yet is was more of the same kind of rhetoric that ended up costing the Democrats an election. Suffice it to say, it’s apparent they didn’t learn a thing after being dealt a crushing defeat.



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