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BREAKING: New Study Finds MILLIONS MORE Illegals Voted Than Previously Thought

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After winning the election, President Trump stated that millions of illegal votes had been cast for Hillary Clinton, and according to a new study, he was right.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that the research organization Just Facts re-examined data from previous elections to determine how many people potentially voted illegally, and the numbers are absolutely staggering. Just Facts is a widely-cited, independent think tank led by self-described conservatives and libertarians, and if their research proves to be true then we have a major, major issue with illegals determining the fate of our nation.

According to the group, as many as 5.7 million noncitizens voted in 2008 alone, and it gets worse. For those unaware, Barack Obama won the same election in what many believed to be an upset victory, and illegals may have help put him in the White House.

Just Facts confronted both sides of the illegal voting debate to reach their conclusion; those who say it happens often and those who say it never happens. What they discovered is a chilling reminder of why we need national voter ID laws implemented immediately.

From the Examiner:

In one camp, there are groundbreaking studies by professors at Old Dominion University in Virginia who attempted to compile scientifically derived illegal voting numbers using the Harvard data, called the Cooperative Congressional Election Study.

On the other side are the professors who conducted the study and contended that “zero” noncitizens of about 18 million adults in the U.S. voted. The liberal mainstream media adopted this position and proclaimed the Old Dominion work was “debunked.”

The ODU professors, who stand by their work in the face of attacks from the left, concluded that in 2008 as few as 38,000 and as many as 2.8 million noncitizens voted.

Mr. Agresti’s analysis of the same polling data settled on much higher numbers. He estimated that as many as 7.9 million noncitizens were illegally registered that year and 594,000 to 5.7 million voted.

For 2012, Just Facts said, 3.2 million to 5.6 million noncitizens were registered to vote and 1.2 million to 3.6 million of them voted.

Mr. Agresti lays out his reasoning in a series of complicated calculations, which he compares to U.S. Census Bureau figures for noncitizen residents. Polls show noncitizens vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

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In May, President Trump signed an executive order that set up a commission to get on-the-ground data regarding illegal voting. Headed by Vice President Pence, the panel will look at voter rolls across the country to determine how many dead and illegal people are registered to vote, as well as determine how many people are registered multiple times or in multiple states.

Given the importance of our election integrity and the fact that a widely-trusted group has already found widespread proof of rampant fraud, the President’s commission couldn’t have come at a better time.



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