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BREAKING: Obama Admin. Official Just Threw Obama UNDER THE BUS Over Trump Wiretapping

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Yesterday, President Donald Trump rocked the political world when he accused his predecessor of wiretapping his Trump Tower in New York City, and hours later a former official from the Obama administration made a bombshell admission.

Trump, citing a report from Breitbart News, claimed that the Obama administration has the tower tapped in October amid allegations of his campaign colluding with Russia, and the media and Democrats alike circled the wagons to deny it. However, if we’re to believe the former official, the wiretaps did happen.

Last night, on Fox News’ Watters’ World, Democrat strategist Cathy Arue had the following to say:

My sources from the White House told me, she thinks it’s all true. She said, um there were concerns that Trump-and this is from the White House and the administration inside the White House…there were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians and a possible bargaining chip to influence the election, therefore a wiretap was conducted.”

Then there’s this tweet from former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, which is the weakest denial one could imagine

According to numerous sources that used to work for the government, nothing happens that the president doesn’t know about, especially wiretaps on American citizens that have been ordered through the highly secretive FISA courts.

So once again, the Obama administration has been caught in a massive lie, and this time it may cost them. Fox & Friends reported this morning that officials within the Trump administration have said that they’re going to open investigations into all of this, and people will no doubt be going to jail, although they stopped short of saying who specifically is being targeted for investigation.



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