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BREAKING: Obama People At State Dept. Make ENRAGING Move RIGHT After Judge Halts Refugee Ban

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The state Department is still loaded with holdovers from the Obama administration, and they took full advantage of a judge’s order halting President Trump’s moratorium on travel to specific nations.

The executive order signed by the president was enacted in the interests of national security, and it prohibits travel to seven Middle Eastern nations for 90 days as well as indefinitely suspending the Syrian refugee program. On Saturday, a federal judge in Washington State used his authority to second guess the commander-in-chief and issued a restraining order on the moratorium after lawyers for Washington argued their state would be harmed by it.

The executive order is still tied up in the courts; however, State Department employees appear to be taking full advantage of the judge’s stay. On Monday, they rushed through over 100 refugees from Syria in an apparent attempt to get as many processed as possible before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals delivers its ruling on the executive order.

The kicker? Not a single refugee was a Christian – the most heavily targeted and widely persecuted religion in the Middle East.

Breitbart News has more:

A total of 113 refugees from three countries entered the United States on Monday, according to the State Department’s interactive website: 100 were from Syria, 12 were from Iraq, and one was from Somalia.

The three were among the seven countries on which President Trump imposed a temporary ban in the issuance of visas by an executive order President Trump signed on January 27 and which Judge Robarts stopped nationwide with a temporary restraining order Friday.

The other four countries on that list were Iran, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan.

All 113 refugees who entered the country were Muslims, according to the State Department. No refugees who were Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or any religion other than Islam entered the country on Monday.

Interestingly enough, not a single one of these refugees was relocated to Washington State, where the judge responsible for their entry resides.



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