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BREAKING: Obama’s DHS Makes ALARMING Move To Rig Elections, This Is NOT Good

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If there’s one thing Obama likes, it’s federal control over absolutely everything, which is likely why his Department of Homeland Security is making an unprecedented move this election cycle that has many believing it’s trying to affect the outcome of the election.

Under the guise of protecting the election from hackers, the DHS, led by Secretary Jeh Johnson, is trying to convince states to allow it to step in and monitor their elections, but state leaders are already balking at the Gestapo-like move from the agency.

Politico has more:

The federal government wants to help states keep hackers from manipulating the November election, amid growing fears that the U.S. political system is vulnerable.

But Georgia’s top election official is balking at the offers of assistance — and accusing the Obama administration of using exaggerated warnings of cyberthreats to intrude on states’ authority.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s objections add to a bumpy start for the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to shore up safeguards for the election, during a summer when cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee have called attention to weaknesses across the electoral system. Cybersecurity experts call tougher protections long overdue for parties, political advocacy groups and voting machinery, but DHS’ efforts risk becoming caught in the same partisan arguments about state sovereignty that have hung up programs such as President Barack Obama’s Medicaid expansion.

“It seems like now it’s just the D.C. media and the bureaucrats, because of the DNC getting hacked — they now think our whole system is on the verge of disaster because some Russian’s going to tap into the voting system,” Kemp, a Republican, told POLITICO in an interview. “And that’s just not — I mean, anything is possible, but it is not probable at all, the way our systems are set up.”

To further scare states into complying with the agency’s demands, the FBI has claimed that foreign hackers have already infiltrated state election systems, according to Yahoo! News. However, suspicious state leaders still aren’t convinced they need the federal government’s assistance in ensuring their elections aren’t tampered with.

The Hill reported that two swing states have told the DHS to butt out of their business since they’re not interested in having our elections federalized. Lawmakers claim it’s a sovereignty issue, but with the way that the federal government has been corrupted, it’s hard not to think they’re concerned about more than states’ rights, and instead are worried about election rigging.

“The question remains whether the federal government will subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security,” Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp told Nextgov in an email. “Designating voting systems or any other election system as critical infrastructure would be a vast federal overreach, the cost of which would not equally improve the security of elections in the United States.”

Pennsylvania is the other swing state to reject the federal overreach. Department of State spokeswoman Wanda Murren said that the state’s election commission watches their systems regularly, and she isn’t convinced that the feds would be able to offer any further assistance.

Regardless, it’s a horrible idea to have the feds involved in our elections, considering that we’ve already seen what members of the government are willing to do to affect the outcomes – think IRS scandal and the deliberate targeting of conservative non-profits. If they’re already willing to oppress conservative voices using the most feared agency in our nation, why wouldn’t we assume that such a move from the DHS is for anything other than ensuring the Clintons make their way back into the last place any of us want to see them – the White House.



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