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BREAKING: President Trump Responds To Berkeley Riots, And He Means BUSINESS

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President Donald Trump is going to be taking a much different approach than Barack Obama to unhinged leftists rioting in the streets, which was demonstrated in his response to the riots at U.C. Berkeley last night.

Conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the school when the campus quickly devolved into chaos, forcing his evacuation as rioters destroyed buildings, set things on fire, and assaulted supporters of President Trump. But according to Breitbart News, such displays of unrest aren’t likely to be tolerated for too long by our new president.

In a now-viral tweet, President Trump threatened to pull funding from Berkeley is they continue to allow lawlessness on their campus.

Clearly a much different approach than we had grown to expect from Obama.

Following the violent outbursts across campus, Yiannopoulos was interviewed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and highlighted the fact that the left seems to hate any and all views that don’t specifically align with their own.

“The left is profoundly antithetical to free speech these days, does not want to hear alternative points of view, and will do anything to shut it down,” Yiannopoulos told Carlson. “My point is being proven over and over and over again.”

Indeed it is. This isn’t the first event Yiannopoulos has had to cancel due to unhinged protesters, and it likely won’t be the last.

However, now we actually have a president who appears willing to do something about the violence from the left, so it won’t be long before this kind of thing is nipped in the bud.

Below is the full interview from Yiannopoulos:



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