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BREAKING: Sessions Makes BOMBSHELL Move The DAY Before He Testifies To The Senate

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to testify to the Senate on Tuesday, and on Monday he made a major move that has liberal heads spinning.

Following Comey’s testimony, in which President Trump was vindicated on numerous issues, the witch hunt continued with AG Sessions being called to talk to the Senate. The left is hoping there is going to be some major bombshell in his sworn testimony, but it appears as if Sessions doesn’t have anything to hide.

In fact, the former Senator from Alabama released a statement this morning that he’s requesting his testimony be made public, so the country can see what he has to say.

This is an interesting development, to say the least, considering that former Obama officials routinely refused to appear before the Senate and when they did they would plead the Fifth to avoid answering questions. So for him to request a public hearing suggests that he not only doesn’t have anything to hide, but he may have other damning information to share about the previous administration.

Regardless, tomorrow’s hearing isn’t likely to yield too many bombshells, considering Sessions has been recused from the Russian investigation almost from the start. So unless he starts chucking nukes at Obama and company, don’t expect too much to come of this.



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