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BREAKING: Trump Drops Absolute BOMBSHELL About Private Meeting With Comey, LOCK HIM UP!!

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President Trump wasn’t too happy with former FBI Direct6or James Comey, which was evident after he fired him, but his latest remarks offer a lot more insight into why the President felt the need to get rid of the corrupted director.

Speaking to the New York Times, President Trump covered a wide range of issues, from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to former Director Comey. The interview lasted for a little over an hour, and during it he dropped a bombshell about Comey that the media doesn’t seem to want to cover.

It’s easy to see why.

From the Times [emphasis added]:

In the interview, Mr. Trump said he believed Mr. Comey told him about the dossier to implicitly make clear he had something to hold over the president. “In my opinion, he shared it so that I would think he had it out there,” Mr. Trump said. As leverage? “Yeah, I think so,’’ Mr. Trump said. “In retrospect.”

The president dismissed the assertions in the dossier: “When he brought it to me, I said this is really, made-up junk. I didn’t think about any of it. I just thought about, man, this is such a phony deal.”

Mr. Comey declined to comment on Wednesday.

While that’s a major allegation to level against a former FBI director, let’s not forget that Comey himself admitted to leaking classified information to force the appointment of a special prosecutor. Plus, under Comey’s reign, the FBI was constantly leaking damaging information about the President, which came after Comey let Hillary Clinton off of federal felonies for her private server.

Plus, he expressed no interest whatsoever in bringing the leakers to justice, and the leaks just kept on happening.

So is it really all that crazy to think Comey would have used the dossier as leverage?

That’s up to you to decide.



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