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BREAKING: Trump Reveals MASSIVE Plan For Border Patrol Changes, Illegals TERRIFIED

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One of the signature issues of Donald Trump’s campaign has been immigration and finally sealing up our extremely porous border, and it appears as if he hasn’t forgotten that’s what has garnered him so much support. He just revealed the massive changes he’s going to be making to Border Patrol, and it has both illegals and liberal special interests terrified.

Speaking with Breitbart News Daily, one of Trump’s senior policy advisors revealed a bold plan that Trump’s White House would undertake to all but eliminate liberal special interest groups from the decision-making process, and it’s something we can all get behind. Stephen Miller said on Wednesday that Border Patrol agents would have a “direct line” to President Trump when he’s elected, and that the union will remain in close contact with The Donald.

“I am here today to say that we are going to work closely, directly, and intimately with the National Border Patrol Council to develop a border policy for this nation,” Miller said. “The NBPC will never again have a back seat in our nation’s border policy.”

“We are going to work with the NBPC, and not just in a token way,” added Miller. “But in depth, on a regular basis, they are going to have a direct line into our policy making on a routine basis.”

Miller said the sole purpose of the “direct line” was so that those who stand to gain from a porous border – liberal open borders advocates – would be completely cut out of the process.

“The day is over when people with political agendas are going to write policies that work for the special interests but not for the agents,” Miller said. “The agents are going to be the voice that we go to hear what’s really happening on the border and what we are going to do about it.”

Miller explained that after listening to the union for the agents, this was the only way that a Trump White house would be able to know what’s truly going on, since special interest groups cloud the information stream.

“(W)e understand the importance of a law enforcement union,” Miller continued. “It’s the only voice for the agents. It’s the only voice to learn the truth. It’s the only way to know what’s really happening. It’s the only way agents can protect themselves from political appointees and special interests.”’

Considering that the Obama administration has been anything but tough on immigration, this has got to be an absolutely terrifying prospect for both illegals and special interests, which is just too bad, really. For the past seven years, our nation has been flooded with illegal immigrants, which has cost us jobs while increasing the number of those dependent upon the government, so it’s beyond time someone finally takes a hard stand against it.

Again, it’s been Trump’s signature issue, and after hearing the plan he laid out, there’s little doubt that he’s the man to take on the job.



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