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BREAKING: Verdict On O.J. Simpson’s Parole Is IN

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O.J. Simpson went before the Nevada Board of Corrections on Thursday, and the decision has been made about his freedom.

The parole hearing of the century was televised due to people’s interest, and now we know whether or not O.J. will be set free after nine years in the pokey.

Some background on the case from the Daily Mail:

He was joined in Lovelock Prison by his lawyer Malcolm LaVergne  for the hearing, who arrived alongside Simpson’s  close friend Tom Scotto, his sister Shirley Baker, his brother Melvin and his daughter Arnelle.

Simpson is expected to tell the board what he would do and where he would live if he is granted parole, while also detailing his work in prison and how he has been a model inmate during his time at Lovelock Correctional Facility.

Simpson, 70, was attending the wedding of his good friend Scotto back in 2007 when he made the ill-fated decision to rob a memorabilia dealer at gunpoint with a group of friends inside the man’s hotel room.

He was sentenced to 33 years behind bars after a jury found him guilty of all ten counts with which he was charged on October 3, 2008 – exactly 13 years to the day that the former football star was acquitted of the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Simpson has been a model inmate ever since he entered the Lovelock Correctional Center back in 2008 according to multiple reports and interviews with fellow prisoners.

Now, according to the live broadcast this reporter has been watching, O.J. has been granted his parole in a unanimous 4-0 vote by the commission.



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