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BREAKING: Washington, D.C. Lawyers Release BOMBSHELL About Trump’s Russian Income

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As the Senate continues its investigation into the alleged ties between President Trump and the Russians, Trump’s attorneys just released a bombshell about his income from Russian sources.

Although while most on the left had probably hoped that the President had some form of hidden money flow, that’s simply not the case. In fact, the attorneys, after reviewing his tax returns for the past decade, sent a certified letter to Sen. Lindsey Graham stating that the President has no dealings in Russia, and the only two times he’s made money from them have been widely reported.

The Daily Caller is reporting that the Washington, D.C.-based firm Morgan Lewis said in the letter that the President’s returns show he didn’t receive “any income of any type from Russian sources,” however, there are two exceptions. Additionally, the returns show that there aren’t any Trump-controlled entities that have Russian investors, and that he also doesn’t have any debt that’s owed to the Russians.

Well, so much for that ruse.

More from the Caller:

The returns do show $12.2 million Trump received from the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held in Moscow. The returns also show $95 million in income from Trump’s sale of Florida real estate to a Russian billionaire in 2008.

Dillon and Nelson state that “it is likely” that Trump’s businesses have “engaged in ordinary course sales of goods or services to Russians or Russian entities,” such as the sale of real estate or rental of hotel rooms.

“Such income would not have been separately identified as ‘Russian’ in your books and records and therefore not separately reflected on your tax returns,” the lawyers said.

It is unclear from the letter whether Trump’s lawyers reviewed other documents about his businesses or whether the certified letter relied solely on the tax returns. Trump has refused to release his taxes to the public, saying that they are under audit.

Trump asked his lawyers to produce the certified letter in response to questions about Russian business ties that were raised in a Senate hearing earlier this week.

So that should settle that, considering the law firm sent the letter under risk of perjury, which means it’s highly, highly improbably that they were lying about what they saw in the President’s tax returns. However, don’t expect the left to hang this one up any time soon, as it’s really the only thing they have against the President, so regardless of whatever evidence is presented to the contrary, they’ll just keep repeating the same lies in hopes that if they believe them hard enough they’ll eventually be true.



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