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Breitbart Discovers MAJOR Flaw In Latest Poll Showing Trump With 36% Approval, This Is HORRIBLE

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To say that polling is unreliable would be an understatement, especially after polling for the last election was so horribly wrong, but the latest poll is seriously flawed.

BreitbartNews dissected the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing President Trump with just a 36 percent approval rating, which the fake news media is calling “the lowest in history,” and what they found is nothing short of a made-to-order survey intended to get specific results. In fact, the poll’s methodology was so flawed that calling it “fake news” would be an improvement.

Check it out:

The latest headlines — which themselves have seeded hundreds of articles in the press about the matter — are about President Trump’s unpopularity, born out of a poll of just 1,001 people. That’s an average of 20 people per state in the U.S. they hold up as “representative”.

Then we go into the data tables. Since this time last year they have over-represented Democrat voters in their studies. For this latest one, 35 per cent of their respondents were Democrats, 23 per cent were Republicans, 35 per cent were Independents (who in turn lean towards voting Democrat), six per cent said ‘Other’, and two per cent had no opinion on the matter.

As you can see, the poll is heavily weighted in favor of the Democrats. However, a further breakdown of the methodology reveals how far off the mark those surveying Americans are.

Finally, the pollster declares in the data tables: “Interviewers called landlines and cellular phone numbers, first requesting to speak with the youngest adult male or female at home. The final sample included 350 interviews completed on landlines and 651 interviews completed via cellular phones, including 404 interviews with adults in cell phone-only households”.

Young cell phone users made up the dominant part of the poll, and cell phone-only households made up nearly half the interviews. It should not take a political scientist to work out how this, combined with the Dem/Ind bent (70 per cent) of the respondents, makes the poll unrepresentative.

As to why the poll was so flawed, Breitbart made this observation:

The poll was performed by AbtAssociates — a swamp dweller-staffed research and policy shop in Cambridge, MA.

AbtAssociates board members include former Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Planned Parenthood, World Bank, and Deloitte staffers. In other words, it is a microcosm of the party of Davos.


But even though the poll was heavily weighted in favor of the left, it still contained some devastating news for the left.


It showed that 37 percent of its respondents don’t think the Democrat Party stands for anything other than opposing President Trump. In other words, it has no message in which to attract voters.

In conclusion, Breitbart noted that another reason for using such horrible methodology in the survey wasn’t so much to reflect the views of the nation as a whole, “but rather to shape it.”


I believe that’s called propaganda.



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