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The Brexit Vote Was About Much More Than Britain Leaving The European Union

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Gotta say, we should be quite proud of the British people voting to leave the European Union in what turned out to be a historic referendum and a major step in the nation regaining its sovereignty. It’s also a sign of hope that across the world, the progressive globalist agenda is being rejected by the masses, who prefer smaller government, more freedom, and secure borders, all of which was on the ballot for Brexit.

Hopefully what we saw transpire in Britain yesterday is a sign of what’s to come for us in November. If so, then we’ll have much to look forward to after our nation rejects the same agenda that Britain’s people just did, and we can then work on securing our borders, bringing jobs back to our country, restoring our sovereignty, and pressing on toward a prosperous and promising future without progressive cancer metastasizing within our government and destroying our beloved country.

For the first time in recent history we watched an entire nation reject the very ideology we’ve been fighting for decades, and now it’s time for us to stand up and do the same in November, when we have two clear choices in which direction we want to take our nation; Hillary and her globalist vision, or Trump and his vision of “America first,” the NWO and globalism be damned.

One other observation that’s worth noting; Trump had been on the side of Britain’s patriots from the start, scheduled a golf course opening on the day after the vote, and looks like a foreign policy genius now that they’ve voted to leave and he’s said right along he believed they were going to. It’s almost like he’s playing 3-D chess while everyone else is playing checkers, since now he’s over there doing a victory lap while reaffirming to the British people that America is their ally and he would stand with them regardless of what happened, unlike our dear “leader” now.

In fact, Obama and Hillary both urged the British people to stay in the European Union, and Obama even went over there to give a speech in which he all but demanded they do while threatening economic punishment if they chose to leave. Yet again he and his former Secretary of State were on the wrong side of history, which isn’t surprising considering they ARE the wrong side of history, but even his lecture to the British people that included veiled threats wasn’t enough to get them to digest his progressive globalist worldview, to which I say, fantastic!

What happened in Britain yesterday wasn’t just a win for the nation and its people; it was a win for the entire world. It was the wholesale rejection of multiculturalism, open borders, and the ideology that’s brought poverty, pain and suffering to every nation that’s adopted it. It was the start of a global nationalist movement in which the people collectively said “no” to flooding their borders with migrants, losing their jobs to other nations, and allowing a foreign governing body make decisions for their country rather than their elected representatives. It also signaled the start of the Brits getting their identity back as a nation rather than merely being a pawn in the global governance game, and all of this was done by America’s closest ally, which speaks volumes considering both countries have been the epicenter of the toxic New World Order that’s been slowly bleeding our nations dry.

Yes, there’s still hope for the world, indeed, and it was just reignited by the will of the British people, who are now celebrating their new found independence from an oppressive and tyrannical foreign government, much like our Founders did some 250 years ago. But yesterday wasn’t just about Britain’s independence, it was Judgement Day for global governing bureaucracies, and it was a slap in the face to Obama, Hillary, and every other globalist willing to sell out their own countries for the international collective.

So from your brothers and sisters in America; congrats, you limey bastards! Now it’s our turn!




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