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BRUTAL Meme Exposes Stunning TRUTH About How Media Reacts To White Vs. Muslim Shooters

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The hypocrisy of those o the left knows no bounds, and such is evident in their reaction to the shooting in Orlando compared to the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine black people were killed by a deranged white man.

If you remember, when Dylan Roof killed nine people in a church on the fateful day, the media almost had an orgasmic response as it erupted with stories about racism, awful gun owners, and even denigrating the Confederate Flag due to its association with the South and the Civil War. Blanket statements definitely weren’t in short supply at the time, and the majority focused on white, Christian Americans who love our Second Amendment rights but did absolutely nothing wrong.

In contrast, the leftist media has done everything possible to deflect from radical Islam after an extremist Muslim walked into a night club and murdered 49 Americans. A brutal meme that was created to demonstrate the hypocrisy is below, and aside from getting the body count wrong in the Orlando shooting, it’s spot-on:

BRUTAL Meme Exposes Stunning TRUTH About How Left Reacts To White Vs. Muslim Shooters

That’s pretty rough, but unfortunately it’s true. Ever since news broke on Sunday, we’ve been repeatedly warned by the media to not make blanket statements about Islam, that not all Muslims are bad, and even that Islam didn’t play a role in the shooter’s motive. Meanwhile, when Charleston happened that’s all we saw from the media about white conservative gun owners.

I’ve read countless stories, including this one from the liberal rag site, that have blamed everything except radical Islam for what happened while demanding more gun control. The aforementioned story blamed “toxic masculinity,” whatever the f-k contrived B.S. that is, for the attack while also saying that suggesting there’s “something inherent to Islam” that caused the shooter to act is “hoary nonsense,” then went on to say that anyone supporting gun rights is using “half-baked-pseudo-arguments” to justify their position.

With this type of biased reporting, it’s no wonder so many people are so grossly misinformed about the threats our nation faces. I had really hoped that Orlando would wake up many in the media, but unfortunately it hasn’t been the case.

Instead we’ve been getting the same apologist reporting that deflects away from the real issue while defending those possibly holding extremist beliefs. Between them and our own president refusing to actually identify the problem, it’s no wonder attacks like this keep happening – they’re making it easier for radicals to live and operate among us.

[H/T: YoungCons]



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