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BUSTED! Mariah Carey Caught In MASSIVE Lie Over Botched Performance, And It’s BAD

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Mariah Carey has been trying to blame the production company for her botched New Year’s Eve performance, but video evidence appears to tell an entirely different story.

According to ET Online, Carey is blaming Dick Clark Productions for her horrible performance on New Year’s, and even went as far as accusing the company of sabotaging her gig for ratings. Jenny McCarthy commented on Carey’s unfair accusations during her radio show earlier today.

Check it out:

McCarthy admitted that her sympathy stopped, however, when Carey and her team later accused Dick Clark Productions “of sabotaging her performance.”

“Now I do understand our egos of course want to blame everyone but itself for mistakes, but I literally had a visceral reaction to her saying that Dick Clark Productions did this on purpose and for ratings,” McCarthy said. “I mean, let me tell you something. If Dick Clark were alive today, I guarantee he would be on air right now fighting back. He’s not, so I’m going to.”

“Dick Clark Productions has been doing this show for 45 years,” she continued, adding, “So for [Mariah] to defame them was so incredibly insulting for the group of people who work their balls off preparing and rehearsing for their musical guests.”

“The truth of the matter is, Mariah didn’t do a sound check, she said it there,” McCarthy exclaimed. “She did whatever you would call like a dance move rehearsal, holding her gold microphone, and she stood off to the side of the stage while she had a stand-in do a sound check.”

But it turns out that it really didn’t have anything to do with malfunctioning equipment. A review of the video from Saturday night shows that there’s really no way that Carey could have known if her earpiece wasn’t working properly since it wasn’t even in her ear.

No, seriously. Here’s video below:

Apparently Dick Clark would have excellent reason to fight back. As far as why Carey didn’t know her earpiece wasn’t actually in her ear?

Well, we’ll leave that for you to decide. But we’re not about to let some diva defame the good name of a deceased celebrity because she couldn’t get her act together.



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