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Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Drops BOMB On Charlotte Rioters: ‘We Can’t Be…’

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The biggest news story of the past couple of days has been the violent riots that broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina after police killed an armed black man who refused to drop his gun, and everyone is weighing in.

Prior to the riots, players like Colin Kaepernick and others had chosen to disrespect America over perceived in justices, stoking the flames of the anti-police sentiment spreading across the nation that’s been largely fueled by the media. However, Newton doesn’t seem to be buying into that narrative, and he went out on a limb today to express how he really feels about it.

During a Thursday press conference, Newton was asked about his thoughts on the matter. His response might surprise you.

From the Panthers, he said, in part:

“I’m an African American. I’m not happy what or how justice has been dealt with over the years — the state of oppression in our community. But we also as black people have to do right by ourselves, we can’t be hypocrites.

I say that on one voice and also another voice that when you go public or when things happen in the community, it’s not the fact that things are happening, it’s the way they’re being treated after they’re happening.

When you get a person who does some unjust things or killing an innocent person, killing fathers, killing people who have actual families, that’s real. I have a son. And a daughter I’m responsible for. And how they feel if one day they come home and there’s no more daddy? We need people to be held accountable is that’s all.”

He continued, explaining that he doesn’t look at things through racial lenses but rather or not someone’s a good or a bad person.

“It doesn’t matter the race. I don’t see that through a black/white lens. I could look at you and be around you and I can tell if you’re a good person. There’s good people that doesn’t have a badge on, there’s good people that has a badge on.

We all know people who are in the police department. And we also know bad people that’s civilians, and just bad people who are police officers. That’s just life as a whole.

We all have to as United States citizens, just have to [be] accountable for what we do.”

The most controversial part of his commentary was when he called out the black community for being hypocritical when it comes to which black lives matter.

“When you look at the most dangerous cities in America. You know Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Miami, Louisiana. I know from being a black person there’s a lot black people who don’t do right by black people, so you can’t be a hypocrite and say, ‘Oh well, a white man or a white police officer just killed a black man.’”

Unfortunately, his remarks weren’t received too well among other black people.

You get the idea. Newton refused to toe the leftist line and now he’s being shamed as a result, much like every other brave black person who speaks the truth about race in America.

The difference between those critical of Newton and Newton is that Newton didn’t succumb to the mindset of a perpetual victim, and instead refused to be held back by what he perceived as injustices. Perhaps if these other people tried to do the same they might see the changes in their lives they’ve been hoping for.



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