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Cam Newton Stormed Out Of SB Press Conference, Look What Happened RIGHT After

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After the Super Bowl, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton didn’t appear too happy during a press conference about the game, and he ended up storming out of it unexpectedly. As if the devastating loss wasn’t already bad for the league MVP, check out what happened before he could even board the plane, and he wasn’t the only one it happened to.

It’s no secret that California is run by closet communists who believe they own everyone’s money and should be allowed to take it as they please, and the athletes who played last night learned it first-hand. Regardless if they won or lost, they were all handed massive tax bills by the state of California, before they could even get on the plane.

Liberal politicians in the state have implemented a so-called “jock tax,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Athletes are placed into a special tax bracket, then forced to fork over huge sums of money, which in Cam Newton’s case, was twice the amount that he earned to even play in the game to begin with. Seriously.

Forbes has more and the total amount Newton has to pay the state of Commiefornia:

If the Panthers win the Super Bowl, Newton will earn another $102,000 in playoff bonuses, but if they lose he will only net another $51,000. The Panthers will have about 206 total duty days during 2016, including the playoffs, preseason, regular season and organized team activities (OTAs), which Newton must attend or lose $500,000. Seven of those duty days will be in California for the Super Bowl and another four will be in the Golden State for road games against St. Louis Los Angeles and Oakland next season.

Win on Sunday, and Newton will pay California a total of $159,560 in taxes in 2016. Lose, and he will pay $159,200, based on an income reduction of $51,000.

Newton and the Panthers ended up losing the big game, and in the backwards world of California, that means their effective tax rates nearly doubled.

The result: Newton will pay California 99.6% of his Super Bowl earnings if the Panthers win. Losing means his effective tax rate will be a whopping 198.8%. Oh yeah, he will also pay the IRS 40.5% on his earnings.

Isn’t that awesome? Between the state and federal taxes, he has to fork over more than 200 percent of his total earnings for the game on Sunday, which means it actually cost him money to be in it.

With tax rates as high as these, what’s the point of even being an elite athlete in the NFL? Don’t these politicians realize just how oppressive this is? Better yet, do they even care?

Granted, Newton is worth millions and a couple hundred thousand dollars isn’t much to him, but that’s not the point. Our nation was founded to get away from oppressive and unfair taxation, but thanks to the modern progressive movement, we’re all becoming victims of those exact types of policies.

What’s even worse is that if people think taxes are bad now, wait until they see what happens if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected president. Someone has to pay for all the “free” stuff they want to give away, and it’s a proven fact that confiscating every dime from the wealthiest people in our nation wouldn’t even net a trillion dollars, which is only a fraction of our current deficit, so guess who would get to pay the remainder… you and I.

[H/T: Political Insider]



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