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Carly Fiorina FELL Off Stage During Cruz Event, People CAN’T Believe How Cruz Reacted

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Carly Fiorina doesn’t have too much luck with stages at campaign events, and it’s apparently not getting too much better. She fell off of the stage at an Indiana event, and people can’t believe how Sen. Ted Cruz reacted to it.

In an unexpected, and seemingly worthless move, Cruz announced that Fiorina would be his running mate should he be able to secure the GOP nomination for president over Donald Trump. Cruz says he’s a fan of Fiorina and that the two get along well, which makes the way he reacted to his senior citizen running mate all the more mind boggling.

Check it out:

Did you see that? He didn’t even bat an eye, even though he looked right in the direction of a plummeting Carly.

His reaction didn’t go unnoticed by viewers either. Below is a sample of what people had to say:

“I like the way the Cruzes jumped to help Carly when she fell.”

“The best part of the clip is that Cruz does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He just keeps on shaking hands.”

“”Who cares “says Cruz. “She’s just the candidate for V.P.” The show must go on. And what a show it is. Cruz would make a great televangelist; along the lines of Jim Baker.”

“He didn’t even try to catch her or see if she was Ok, tells me everything I need to know.”

You get the idea. Although in all fairness, there is an off chance he didn’t see her tumble, in which case he’d have no way of knowing that there was a problem.

But then again, he did look right in that direction after it happened, so who knows.

[H/T: InfoWars]



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